Board structure made out of wood from Canadian maple trees.
Marquetry made out of Swiss apple-, maple- and walnut trees.
Hand-made in Switzerland in the Vallée de Joux.

Vue du dessus du longboard Muserolling avec frein exclusif.

The « Clermont » longboard model

Elegant design associated with different types of wood from trees grown in the Vallée de Joux region, the « Clermont » longboard from Muse Rolling is hand-made, primarily using wood from maple trees. At the technical level, the deck’s double concave shape has a specially designed directional form, an anti-wheelbite clearance above the wheels, and a cut-out for the drop-through axes.

The wooden core is reinforced with bi-axial fiberglass fabrics. For optimum stability, there are four layers to give the board a total thickness of 13 millimeters. And to ensure solid all-round durability, glueing and pressing are done using a specific process – exclusive to Muse Rolling.

The board’s beauty lies in the sober and discreet design of its marquetry made out of wood from apple-, walnut- and maple trees. This applies to both sides of the board.

A layer of rough grip material is applied to the deck’s wooden surface. It provides the shoes with traction and prevents the rider from slipping – even in wet weather.

With its exclusive materials and particular shape, the longboard offers a true feeling of fluidity and flexibility which is simply out of the ordinary.


You want your board customized ? Everything is possible. Manufacturing time: 8 weeks.


Gros plan sur le frein exclusif du longboard Muserolling.

The brake system

The brake system is built with a very high degree of precision to ensure rider safety in any situation, regardless of slope, temperature or weather.

Its stainless steel parts provide durability and reliability, whilst the combination with aluminum allows the whole assembly to remain light. Screws and bolts are also made using stainless steel.

One of the « Clermont » longboard’s key elements, the brake system has more than 30 different parts, each of them machined, assembled and mounted to achieve the high degree of performance demands set by Muse Rolling.

Roue du longboard Muserolling.

The rolling system

The rolling system allows fluidity of movement, providing riders with the feeling of flawless gliding.

The wheels are from the American brand Orangatang. They run on top-of-the-line ABEC-9 ball bearings and are mounted on precision turning skate trucks that connect the wheels to the board.

The chosen rolling system best suits the « Clermont » longboard. Not only does it ensure smooth, turbulence-free cruising, it also enables accurate turning and improved safety in rainy conditions or when crossing slippery tramway tracks. In addition, a soft finish provides stability and comfort, whilst the high quality of the wheel and bearing assembly offers effortless travel compared to using a trolley scooter. The rider can almost feel the board’s acceleration.

Depending on personal preferences, wheels are available with different degrees of hardness.



Who will benefit from the Muse Rolling Longboard ?

Muse Rolling has developed a new way of moving around. Discover the soft mobility of longboarding. Experience the safety of the unique braking system. Exploit the stability and comfort of riding.

Muse Rolling stands for freedom of moving around… for the pleasure of getting you to work – without constraints like getting stuck in traffic, and without using any kind of energy… other than your own muscle power.

Ideal for…

…all the innovators who look for alternatives. Urban movers who favor the noble art of fine craftsmanship and natural materials, while focusing on efficient technologies and applied safety. Users who want to take advantage of a reliable braking system. Riders who want stability and suppleness. Active human beings who are attracted by the elegance of innovative designs.

…all the independent thinkers who want to move around freely, without constraints, without schedules, and without having to depend on someone else.

Exit the car that pollutes the environment, is impossible to park, and gets stuck in traffic !

Exit the trolley scooter that rolls badly, immobilizes hands, must be folded for storage, and is seen on every street corner… for years already.

Muse Rolling helps you become an innovator, someone who stands out from the crowd, someone who breaks away from the routine.

Exit electrically powered skateboards that need lengthy re-charging, are cumbersome to carry around, and must frequently be repaired.

With Muse Rolling you advocate the return to true values, you solicit your body while burning calories and saving kilowatts.

…all the lovers of beauty and aesthetics, collectors of attractive objects that want to admire the flawless design while cruising along the streets of the city. And if you care about damaging your shoe soles, you appreciate the braking system that works efficiently.

…all the demanding users. who realize that the Muse Rolling approach to building its « Clermont » longboard is authentic, applying the dedicated spirit that such a top-of-the-line product deserves… the spirit that’s turned towards sustainable development… the spirit where each customer, each purchase will be treated individually.

You hesitate ?

Here you’ll find the answers to all your questions.

Why a break system on longboards ? Isn’t this against the very purpose of skateboarding !

It’s first and foremost a question of safety. Our longboards are not intended for competing or for riding under extreme conditions. Muse Rolling targets users who look for an alternative way to move around the city; e.g. going to the office. Longboards from Muse Rolling are perfectly suitable for the urban environment where there is a constant need to slow down or to stop promptly, thus avoiding accidents and / or falling. In addition, a braking system helps preserve your footwear.

Why is your longboard not electrically powered ?

Why spend unnecessary energy by adding electricity ? Muse Rolling promotes soft mobility to help preserve the environment – the exact opposite of using electricity that involves energy consumption from a battery with all its chemical components and recycling challenges. Moreover, an electrical system adds unnecessary weight to a longboard, not to mention that there always is the risk of sudden failure, as well as the need to be able to re-charge the battery… which requires you to have the appropriate charger at hand.


Muse Rolling’s Thierry Nicloux, who has tested electrically powered longboards, is of the opinion that they are not reliable enough. But this does not apply to the « Clermont » model which uses the most basic, simple and essential approach to longboarding. No wonder that Thierry has a favorite phrase he uses often : « Save kilowatts, spend calories. »


Last but not least, electrically powered trolley scooters and skateboards slowly but surely invade the cities, prompting administrations to prepare for tighter controls and regulations.

Is your longboard not too heavy ?

On the contrary, our longboard is much lighter than a trolley scooter or an electrically powered skateboard. In addition, each « Clermont » model is delivered with a convenient carrying bag for ease of transportation.


When riding, the 3,5 kg weight of our longboard ensures good stability and constant speed, letting you experience the pleasant feeling of gliding.

Is your longboard easy to maneuver ?

Its ergonomic form and shape are the result of months of intensive studies, careful design engineering and cutting edge manufacturing to ensure optimum mobility.


Muse Rolling’s virtuoso wood craftsman who is in charge of producing the « Clermont » longboard model, has not only been responsible for its design, he has also improved and optimized the board itself over the course of many years. His skills and extensive knowhow make your skateboarding trips pleasant and easy.

Can your longboard also be used by beginners ?

Admittedly, if you have never been on a lonboard – or a skateboard, for that matter – then it is the same as with any sport’s activity ; you need a few “good moments” of training to get accustomed.  For particularly cautious beginners, we have developed a “stick” that easily attaches to the longboard, allowing someone to learn how to stay balanced and how to maneuver smoothly – before being able to experience the pleasure of gliding freely.

What are the advantages compared to a trolley scooter ?

Trolley scooters are in use for years already. Over time they have been altered, enhanced and upgraded to make them suitable for practically everybody. With our « Clermont » longboard, we address a select group of avant-gardists ; innovative people who want to be seen as forerunners of soft mobility… people who look for alternatives… people who want to stand out.


Technically speaking, using a longboard allows the rider to keep her / his hands free ; e.g. to carry a bag or a parcel while riding. There also is no need to hold on to the longboard when standing still. Most importantly, however, with the « Clermont » longboard you can move around like Zephyr, and you can do so with almost no effort. In addition, with a different rolling technique then the one used for two-wheeled trolley scooters, the rider can almost feel the « Clermont » longboard accelerate… all by itself. Fortunately, there is a brake system to slow down. It is also worthwhile mentioning that tests have shown that whilst trolley scooters need 3 to 4 kick-pushes, just one is enough for our longboard.

What about balance ?

You obviously need a bit of training if you are not accustomed to riding a longboard. On the other hand, finding your balance will be quick, because a longboard has a more stable design and it has a wide deck.


Moreover, the skate trucks with the wheels are adjustable in hardness, providing the rider with even more balance and better safety.


Of course, the amount of time it takes for the user to feel fully comfortable is dependent on each riders’ personal ability.


For particularly cautious beginners, we have developed a ”stick” to hold on to that easily attaches to the longboard. It provides riders with better stability and more balance during the learning phase.


Do note, however, that if you have used a skateboard during your childhood, adopting a longboard is like riding a bicycle ; you won’t forget !

How do you explain the cost of your longboard ?

The « Clermont » longboard from Muse Rolling is foremost an aesthetically pleasing product. It is completely hand-made by passionate, highly dedicated craftsmen who apply their years of experience, using cutting edge technologies to reach the extreme quality standards of fine watchmaking. And it goes without saying that each and every one of our longboards is built with only the very best materials currently available.


In addition to the commitment of workmanship, the innovative design concept, together with the unique braking system, adds considerable value to this high-end Muse Rolling product.  And let’s not forget that each « Clermont » longboard is shipped with an elegant carrying bag so you can easily transport the longboard around with you.


And when it comes to placing your order, we pay attention to even the smallest detail, treating each customer and each sale with the utmost respect. Our personalized approach is professional and all customers benefit from Muse Rolling’s « Premium »  service.


Equally important, at Muse Rolling we appreciate our suppliers by dealing with them fairly and remunerating their work at its true value.


Lastly, as a business, the founders, staff members and employees all make every effort for Muse Rolling to be an ethical, local and responsible company.