Swiss made luxury longboard with controlled brake system for ecomobility


This longboard, designed and manufactured in Switzerland by fine watchmaking craftsmen, allows you to ride about the city in a truly ecological, agile and elegant way. Its high quality components allows you to move around fluently.  Its design and unique braking system guarantees a safe journey for you and those around you.


You can contact us directly, or alternatively try the longboard in our of our retail points, the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues in Geneva, or Hofstetter Sport in Vésenaz, Geneva.


Flawless rolling system for fluidity

Efficient foot brake for safety

Quality materials for elegance, hand-made in Switzerland

Roulement du longboard Muserolling
Longboard Muserolling avec son frein, sur son présentoir.
Vue de deussus du frein du longboard Muserolling.
Vue de profil du frein du longboard Muserolling.
Gros plan d'une roue du longboard Muserolling.

Handcrafted with the most exquisite types of wood

Longboard deck made with Canadian maple wood.
Marquetry made out of wood from locally grown apple-, maple- and walnut trees.
Hand-made in Switzerland, in the spirit of fine watchmaking from the Vallée de Joux region.