Thierry Nicloux

Personal data
Born : June 7, 1967 in Rennes, Brittany, France.
Lives near Geneva.
Married, 3 children.


The very first question to ask Thierry is obvious : How did the idea of Muse Rolling come about ?


« I always had an ”out-of-the-box” personality… wanting to do things differently… a little bit the unusual way. Back in 2007, I was among the first to ride a trolley scooter, and it was impossible to find one that was manufactured in Europe. Now you can see them everywhere, so I wanted to look for something else. »

In his professional life, Thierry is constantly on the move and he’s always on the lookout for the most convenient and most ecological way to do so. He is concerned about nature and the environment in general, and he has a real desire not to damage “his” planet not too much. And how does he do so ? He does not take an airplane to go on vacation, his personal car runs on natural gas, and as soon as he has the possibility, he switches to his bicycle. Most of the time he travels by train. And taking the train means walking small distances ; e.g. between the station and the place of his meetings. When walking isn’t possible, he uses the public transport system. Plus, of course, Thierry rides his longboard. Not only does it save time, it also allows him not to be dependent on bus or tram schedules.

When asked about the brake system, the background has a somewhat personal nature. When going to see customers or having to attend meetings, Thierry wants to be well dressed, looking smart. And he likes to wear nice shoes. Consequently, the idea of the brake system was the ideal solution to not damage his shoes when riding his longboard.

In addition, his than 16-year-old son had a rather serious accident while riding a skateboard. If the board would have been equipped with a braking system, the fall could most likely have been avoided. Since then, when it comes to safety, Thierry is convinced that the ability to slow down and to stop when using a board is essential. And not only that, he also realized that a brake system would appeal to a whole group of new users ; e.g. active urban adults.

Originally from Brittany, Thierry grew up near the sea. Isn’t there a connection between the longboard and navigation ? The softness, the gliding, the fluidity. « It’s pure, clean and elegant. Both have a lot of class. Moreover, the inspiration for the different materials used for our longboard, as well as the “stick”, is drawn from the seas. »

« Muse Rolling is my small contribution to clean travel. It gives me the opportunity to nurture my own values : ecology, local, quality, good workmanship, transparency. It is the result of my experiences from my professional life ; the world of multinationals and the constant, insatiable search for profits.»

And how do you use the Muse Rolling longboard in your day-to-day life ?

The longboard has really become his primary means of transportation. He uses it several times throughout the week to go to work. So, we’re not talking about a toy or a hobby. On the contrary, it is a useful object that facilitates his daily life. In the morning, he goes to the train station with the longboard attached to his motorcycle. He even made a special carrying case to fix it to the side of the machine. Once on the train, he places the longboard upside down above his head in the luggage rack. It’s very practical and there is no need to pay extra, as would be the case for a bicycle. « I like the idea of the smartly dressed businessman riding his longboard. Now in my 50s, it feels like being a youngster still, not quite an adult yet. And I’m not ashamed. Sometimes people smile when they see me 😉 »