Olivier Brévaux

Personal data

Born : December 17, 1960 in Versailles, France.
Lives in Saint Prex, VD, Switzerland.
Father of 3 big girls.


The first question to ask : Why did you wanted to join Muse Rolling ?

The answer follows promptly : « Because it had nothing to do with computer science ! ». The desire to plunge into a new universe, to discover something different, attracted him immediately.

It’s been many years that Olivier had thoughts about creating his own company, but he had not yet found the right idea. Plus, he wanted to do it with others, not on his own. He did not wanted to be alone in the adventure. He wanted to share. He wanted to be part of a team. So when Thierry approached him with his idea, he thought it was a nice, innovative project… one that he felt « could work ».

An engineer by trade, he obtained his first diploma in mechanical manufacturing from the National School of Engineers in Saint-Etienne, France. But engineering did not come as a surprise, because since the age of 16, Olivier was passionate about everything that had to do with mechanics. It started with trains and railroads, especially steam locomotives. Then came trucks and huge 6×6 all-terrain vehicles. At home he had his own workshop with lots of tools. He was fascinated by building something. Repairing machinery became a passion, especially big vehicles. Listening to Olivier talk about all the things he fixed is great fun. « My problem is that I have an interest in everything ! » he adds enthusiastically.

Olivier then went to the Paris School of Mines where he specialized in Computer Software Engineering, a domain he would work in throughout his professional career. Among the companies who hired him are large multinational corporations from the computer industry, pharmaceutics, and finally banking.

What would you like to be your contribution with this product ?

« I want it to be a piece of the puzzle ». He likes the idea of bringing pleasure to longboard owners ; future customers who, like Olivier himself, appreciate beautiful, well finished objects with a clean design – like the products made by Muse Rolling. « Attractive look, authentic workmanship, neat finish » to use Olivier’s precise words.

On the subject of soft mobility, Olivier tells us that he no longer owns a car in Switzerland… and this for more than10 years already. He only travels by public transport. « Using public transportation is a choice… my choice ! It’s not always easy, but it suits me well. I’m concerned about our environment. And I want to make a personal contribution ! » On weekends, however, he often has to transport equipment for his leisure activities, and that leaves him no choice but to drive a car. « But only on short distances ! » he assures us.

Relevant to his personal use of the Muse Rolling longboard, unlike his colleague Thierry, he doesn’t ride on a daily basis. « I walk a lot, I take the train, then the bus, and thereafter I go to the office on foot. I’m reluctant when it comes to sliding sports. I am more into Salsa or swimming. I have never before been on a skateboard, and my skiing skills are rather limited. I’m afraid of the falls I could take. Consequently, for me to hop on a longboard, I need safety equipment. »