Les valeurs qui nous animent

Ecology & environment
Doing our share of good through awareness and consistency in reducing our CO2 emissions.
Adding a dimension of safety to soft mobility, with a concept that is unique, using a combination of innovative materials.
Whether it is the finesse in manufacturing or our relationship with customers, we aim to go beyond your requirements.
Respect our partners and suppliers with their deadlines and their remuneration.
Make sure that each part of the project is a signal that emphasizes our values towards integrity and transparency for our customers.
The notion of team-spirit, pleasure and respect must always outweigh the notions of profit and profitability.
We want an honest, open and sincere relationship.

Muse Rolling, c’est avant tout une aventure humaine et partagée.

« Ce qui nous soude, c’est le plaisir de travailler en équipe pour porter le projet »


Les trois fondateurs et associés

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The founder. Passionate about the seas and navigation, Thierry loves being on the move and always looks for doing things differently. Because he places a great deal of importance on aesthetics, he wanted the product to be beautiful – adhering to the values that are close to him : respect, ecology, elegance.

Thierry Nicloux

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He joined the team first. Olivier’s passions are driving and trains, but above all, it is his technical competence, especially computer skills, that reinforce the founding team of Muse Rolling.

Olivier Brévaux

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He is the most rigorous member of the team. Alain’s specialties are figures, and his talents in finance, management and sustainability are a valuable asset to the founding team of Muse Rolling.

Alain Fournier

Partenaire clé du projet

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The Paul-Edouard Piguet Foundation’s Georges-Henri Meylan explains why the Foundation decided to support the project.

Georges-Henri Meylan

Étapes chronologiques

Découvrez la grande aventure humaine et technologique de Muse Rolling en 20 étapes clés !

Beginning 2007

Trolley scooters start to arrive. Thierry Nicloux is among the first to adopt this mode of transportation to go to work in the city, in response to his constant search for eco-responsible mobility.


Thierry buys his first longboard. He is tempted by the feeling of gliding and fluidity – a little like surfing on water, which reminds him of his Brittany origins.


La première idée a germé sur une rue pentue de la ville de Neuchâtel, en Suisse…
Thierry doit s’y rendre pour le travail, il y va en train bien sûr avec sa planche sous le bras. Mais depuis la gare, il faut descendre une rue très en pente jusqu’au lac. Il se dit qu’un frein, monté sur sa planche, ouvrirait un nouveau champ d’utilisation et assurerait une meilleure sécurité.

Beginning 2016

Whilst the idea for the brake system has taken shape, Thierry can’t find anything readily available in the shops. So, he will have to build it himself. That’s the moment of the first meeting with a developer ; François Joset, who just happened to look for a project to sink his teeth in. Thierry asks him to imagine a brake system for his longboard. Incidentally, François was at the origin of the first quartz watches in the 1970s.

Fall 2016

The first drawing for a prototype is ready. It took almost a year for it to be completed, but there was never any pressure in terms of timeline. It’s the way François works. Take it or leave it !

End 2016

C’est à ce moment que Thierry songe à former une équipe. Il n’a pas envie de faire ce projet tout seul, mais veut en partager le plaisir et les responsabilités avec des personnes qu’il apprécie. Pour lui, l’entente est tout aussi importante que les compétences techniques ou la performance. Il propose le projet à Olivier.
Thierry est speed, Olivier est calme.
L’un fonce, l’autre sait se poser. Le premier est nul en informatique, indispensable dans une entreprise, le second est informaticien. Tous deux aiment la mécanique. Olivier dit oui, sans hésiter.

Beginning 2017

Now is the time to start building the product. The big moment of assembling the brake system on a board for the first time. They use a Canadian-made longboard from Restless. This first prototype is made by a company named Mathelin ; a mechanical workshop located in the Ain department of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in France.

Fall 2017

Enrico ; an expert in small mechanics, and Yvan ; a specialist in product launches and industrial property, join the project. The four people meet for the first time, but there is no real connection with the new members of the team. For Thierry, communicating and the pleasure of working together have priority. Enrico just started a new job, so he leaves the adventure.

Spring 2018

The first prototype is built. But it’s too noisy and it lacks power. Yvan leaves the team to start his own business.

Summer 2018

The prototype of the brake system evolves. François improves the design, while Mathelin makes six new brake prototypes. Changes are needed… but the project moves forward.

Fall 2018

The first professional video is made to show the product and its specificities. Patrick from Gerhi Films quickly understands the features of the product and the benefits for the user.

Beginning 2019

Il est temps de rassembler les financements et démarrer une petite levée de fonds pour la suite…
Alain intègre alors l’équipe. Il apporte au projet sa rigueur intellectuelle, de vraies compétences financières, puisque c’est son métier. Le courant passe tout de suite entre les trois futurs associés.

Spring 2019

The three founding partners advance the project at the technological level with Thierry Prott ; a mechanic and long-time friend of Thierry, the founder. The brake system is further improved.

June 2019

Time to get ready for the go-to-market stage. Sacheen Sierro from SSI Marketing is hired as a consultant. She shares the founder's values and has the same high level of enthusiasm and commitment. The team reflects on the positioning of the product, the targeted consumers and their needs, the argumentation involving product features and user benefits. The communication strategy is also determined, which brings on board Gabrielle Pire from Nombril Design ; a graphist and Webmaster who develops the creative direction of the website.

August 2019

Official formation of the company with the three founding partners. Thierry, Olivier and Alain sign the papers with the notary. Everyone remembers the moment with great emotions.

Fall 2019

In parallel, the founding partners rework costs and deadlines for manufacturing, production and delivery. The team wants to be ready to launch the product before the upcoming Christmas period.

November 2019

The big moment is finally here. The rollout with the official launch of the product, the online store, the communication campaigns… everything is happening. Time to become known. Time to gain awareness and notoriety.

December 2019

The goal is set : Receive the first order by Christmas ! It will give the team the opportunity to have a reason to celebrate.

Et maintenant, à vous de jouer.

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